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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
If you love how PM is calm and collected in the pocket check this out!

You get the entire loop of the Apollo 11 landing with Avatars so you can follow who is talking on the loops!
It sure would be cool to see some plays broken down this way with McCoy talking over PM's head set.
bowling balls
The site also shows the pitch angle of the lander!
I hope we are 6-3 when SD comes to Denver, we could have a 2 game or more lead in the division after beating them at home. We could put SD on a downward trajectory if we landed a win on them at home.
bald midgets
Speaking of beating did you notice Neil's heart beat on the Web site above?
and a clown car.
I like the alignments that McCoy uses.

You can even see where the MOCR consoles are when they talk! What a great idea, I am in heaven!

Please mods just one day on the main page!!! There is a bunch of football related info in the thread! Pretty Please?
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