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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Losing 400 points in 2 days actually pretty bad. Whatever though keep dreaming that you achieved enough power to get the tax raising just like you want it. Repubs are going to fight it. Obama has more to lose then them now. Obama being quiet because IMO he is going to cave on a bunch of what he wants to get a deal on sequestration. He doesnt have to worry about pissing off liberals, while repubs still have a lot to worry about and more reason to fight. IMO Obama instead of playing hardball, will come right and make a deal that isn't his tax raise on 250 grand and up.
What is this supposed to mean? What power did I dream about getting??

This is about fiscal policy, not some dumbass partisan bs.

No recession....especially one this bad, has ever turned around by cuts alone, it needs revenue as well. Romney, wanted to cut more revenue and increase defense spending that would add $7 trillion to the deficit, and he claimed he would balance it with closing unspecified tax loopholes.
That fairy tale was obvious bull**** to everyone but the rubes who thought he had the answer and voted for him.

It's basic economics, but the GOP/Tea Party ignore reality and focus on ideology.
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