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Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
Wasn't McCree a Shanahan signing? Same year we trotted out Marquand Manuel for 16 games, right?

I don't think Walton is a scrub my any means and both he and Beadles (especially Beadles-wow) made huge strides this year. Having the foresight to sign a veteran like Koppen was huge though, especially since I think Manny Ramierez was also our primary backup C.
Got to remember that some of these kiddie posters hate anything josh did and therefore his draft choices are all crap.
Why do they hate Josh because:
  • their boi mikey got Canned.
  • He was from NE.
  • He traded their boi cutlet.
  • Traded BM.
  • Traded TS.
Take your choice some or all of them

The audacity of it all.
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