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Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
Wasn't McCree a Shanahan signing? Same year we trotted out Marquand Manuel for 16 games, right?

I don't think Walton is a scrub my any means and both he and Beadles (especially Beadles-wow) made huge strides this year. Having the foresight to sign a veteran like Koppen was huge though, especially since I think Manny Ramierez was also our primary backup C.
Considering the lack of coaching JD and Beadles received prior to this off season I think they have come a very long way. And for those that forgot Elways got the team hired the coaches and then said coaches were un able to talk teach or work with our guys until the signed the new CBA just prior to TC last year.

I'd guess that the two would have been better last year had they been able to take advantage of OTAs and conditioning at Dove Valley with our staff.
They made huge strides over this past off season..

While Koppen is a good find playing is only going to make JD better as he is the future of the franchise. Not Koppen.

Nice having experience around but playing them and not the future does us little good. Let's hope JD is back in full stride next year, with another year of off season workouts to bulk him up just a bit more. I'd like to see him come in around 315. Same with Beadles. Maybe 320-25 for him. Would make handling those giant 340-370 NT/DT easier.
Btw good post
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