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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
wow dow down another 100 plus points and almost a full 1%. Hopefully this is just a short sell off and soon it will level off or something. Also s&p down, Nasd down.

They better make a deal on the sequestration and fast. Really dems have no power to do it like they want. Election changed nothing the country still left repub in the house which we all know has a lot of power.

Repubs aren't going to let you raise tax. They will say the 48% popular vote, and them retaining the house, is enough of a message that the country doesn't want higher taxes. Obama won on womens issues and the Latino vote. Neither of which is a mandate for higher taxes.

Obama not in as great of a spot as people think. Economy will tank if he doesn't deal.
Wow, a 100 points? Not unusual at all. Does it really seem like a big drop when the market is seen as moderately overvalued and a pull back expected, especially with the 'fiscal cliff' on the near horizon??

The prospect of a repeat of the last 4 years of stubborn 'no taxes on the table' bs makes everyone nervous. Bi partisan agreement means exactly that. Congress, Obama, get to work!

Note to the Tea Party: It is impossible to just cut our way out of this recession, it will also take additional tax revenue, not more tax cuts for the wealthy.

Why is this fiscal fact of life so difficult for some to grasp?
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