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Malik Jackson

Speaking of influence, I think the "Fiscal Cliff" is going to get solved quickly. Why? Because Wall Street and the banksters are pissed off and are going to pressure both sides to get it done. They just gave Romney and the Republicans millions of dollars and didn't get squat on the investment. They're not going to take any **** from the GOP and will probably start hinting that all their money goes to the Dems in the midterms if the deal doesn't get done.

The next thing to happen will be immigration reform. Why? Because the GOP can see the writing on the wall. They just got their asses kicked in this election. They are going to be looking forward to the midterms in two years and realize they could get their asses kicked again if they don't do comprehensive immigration reform. In other words, they've got to turn around how they are perceived by Latinos. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see some Republican jump out ahead on the legislation and try to make it a GOP associated agenda item.

As far as "Obamacare" goes, I don't think we're going hear about it again.
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