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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
After Manning, it has to be Dan Koppen. It's crazy how fast he has adjusted to this offense and has had a hand in helping it run smoothly. I just read he has zero sacks and only one penalty. Who would have thought bringing in a vet center could prove to be one of the most important moves we make?
It's crazy only when compared to the sh*tty sloppy seconds McDouchebag filled this team with in Maroney, Jarvis Green, scrub OL, Brady Quinn, Mcree and other crappy players.

For most good GMs signing a veteran Center when the current starter has struggled the past two years is a no brainer.

Same with signing Leonhard when it became clear Carter was going on IR.
Same with Brooking when DJ suspension was looming.
Same with Bannan with Ty Warren's injury history.
Same with doubling up on Dreessen/Tamme.

I thought for sure McDouche had set this franchise back 5 years, thanks to the Duke we're right back on track.
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