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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
People that are making the Blacks voted for Obama solely because of race argument let me ask you a hypothetical question. . . one that I'm convinced the right power structure is already contemplating. Let's say in 2016 the right nominates Condie Rice for President and Rubio for Veep. The Dems nominate Hillary. Do you really think 90 + percent of African American voters would break for Condie? I'd be willing to bet a steak dinner that she'd pull less than 20 percent of the Black vote against Hillary.

But I guarantee you in 2016 that the Republicans are going to nominate a minority candidate either for POTUS or Veep . Rubio, Condie, etc. Honestly, I'm surprised the Bush clan hasn't started grooming George P. Bush yet.
He's intelligent (much more George H. than George W.) his mother is a naturalized citizen from Mexico (he gives interviews on Univision in Spanish.) He's an attorney and served in the Navy. It'll be interesting to see if he starts running for public office soon.
A week ago, I would've agreed with you.

Today? I'll take a mortgage on that bet.
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