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Game is a bit scary to me. I think it could be a Denver blowout or a last minute heartbreaking loss. I know some people think Cam isn't even as good as Tebow but he scares me. I don't really fear his passing but its the plays that Denver defenses well and he uses feet to pick up chunks of yardage. I believe this is the first time we will face the spread option on defense. I think we can play cover 1 and not get burnt on the opposite side of Smith and roll a S to him. We need a good spy on Newton and Miller seems like an obvious choice but I think we should pick and choose when to do it.

On offense I have no doubt we will get our pts but I hope we aren't hell bend on forcing the running game when it isn't there. That being said we can't drop 3 straight first down passes and then punt like we did last week. I think we should no huddle from the get go and then let Manning call the plays from the line. Hopefully Denver gets up big and steps on their throat. Let's be aggressive on 4th downs around mid field or in Carolina side of the field even though I know that isn't Fox.

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