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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
It's logical, and best of all, you admit it's a guess.

My advice to Rev would be to sit in on a high school math class, and with the money he saves from taking a college stats class, he can buy himself a clue, or some more of that stuff he's smoking.

Basically, he's saying this:

Given - Obama is black
1 - 20% more black people voted for Obama than traditionally vote Democrat
Therefore - 20% of black people voted for Obama only because he's black.

Look, I can do it too!

Given - There was a hurricane 4 days before the election
1 - 20% more black people voted for Obama than traditionally vote Democrat
Therefore - 20% of black people only voted for Obama because there was a hurricane 4 days before the election.

My guess what happened is this. We all know and have seen over the past two cycles that Obama has basically run the best ground game in presidential campaign history. He reached out to many voting blocs, including blacks, but also including young people, latinos and women, who traditionally have had lower participation for various reasons, one of them being that they didn't feel they were represented in government.

I don't know about you guys, but I know several people...several white people, in fact, who said the same...I've never voted before, but it seems to me like Obama has more of my interests in mind, not just more than the "other guy", but more than anyone else has ever had who's run for president.

To simply look at one stat, and come up with a silly conclusion like that, really makes one look stupid. And I mean stupid, not in the "you're a stupid-head" way, I mean in the "you literally lack intelligence" way.
This is yet another example of you creating false conclusions and supporting them with absolutely nothing.

Celebrate if your guy won.

Celebrating how he won is he disgusting me and I hope you're all ashamed of yourselves.
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