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Originally Posted by Broncomutt View Post
Except Panther fans and players don't really hate Fox. There isn't the venom towards him that Bronco fans feel towards McLoser. Most people understand the current woes of the Panthers is more a front office mess than Fox's poor organizational skills.

Having said that, there's little love for the guy as well. It's not like he's Shanny returning to Denver as HC of the Skins.

Fox never had back to back winning seasons, but he also put Carolina in 2 NFCCG and 1 SB. The feeling mostly is "There were ups and downs, let's move on."
I think the angle is more along the lines of Fox wanting revenge on Richardson/Panthers than the Carolina fans wanting to beat up on Fox. To be honest, i wouldn't be all that surprised to see Fox cheered when the Broncos take the field.
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