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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Yes IMO I am superior, making about a hundred grand a year off of investments and have almost zero expenses the houses (2) and cars (3) all paid for. So it is just the day to day expenses such as utilities, real estate taxes insurance on my property.
^ I think you're FOS, but of course there's not way to prove it either way. Tell us what a few of those investments are and how you acquired them. That would be a start.

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Tired of coming here to point out the erros of your ways.
This is priceless! You and your buddies have been coming here for months telling us how right you are. The rest of them have all but disappeared since they've been proven so wrong. Home licking their wounds. And I'm sure you're all still immersing yourselves in the same info sources that proved so wrong and out of touch leading up to this election. Denial is a powerful drug!
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