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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
It's logical, and best of all, you admit it's a guess.

My advice to Rev would be to sit in on a high school math class, and with the money he saves from taking a college stats class, he can buy himself a clue, or some more of that stuff he's smoking.

Basically, he's saying this:

Given - Obama is black
1 - 20% more black people voted for Obama than traditionally vote Democrat
Therefore - 20% of black people voted for Obama only because he's black.
Anyone have the % of blacks voting in 2004 compared to 2008? I would say that there was a big jump in registration to vote for Obama where blacks had not been voting in previous elections. Was the message that much bigger compared to Clinton (who was popular with blacks)? I would like to see the numbers and the increase from their vote.
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