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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
So there aren't any Panthers threads on this site for some reason and I'm starting one.

First is this is a dangerous team that has been in every game and just about won two road games against very competitive teams .

The biggest concern is their front. Most of their sacks have come without blitzing. They have a rookie linebacker who's playing mike filling in for Beason and has been putting on a clinic. I think their backside is their weakest area, and they aren't that bad in the secondary, they just aren't as good as their front.

It was mentioned during the excellent OM Podcast that this is someone we should roll. I would love to see the team do that for Fox and to shove it up their owner's throat for cornholling Fox. (FYI SoCal, This is a case of what you are mad at Bowlen about except unlike your issues with Bowlen, this actually happened: cheap owner. It was documented by the media and off the record people in the front office that Fox was forced out.)

I DON'T think it will be a blowout. I think it will be a close game. They have enough ballance on offense and one of those mobile QB's that have given us headaches that we should find ourselves with some frustrating third down conversions again. Their defense is active. Most of all, they are the second road team in a row and we're flying east again. I just think that's all going to play a factor.

I think we have a decent shot of winning, but Taco mentioned it would be demoralizing to lose and I wouldn't be demoralized. I would see it as splitting a road trip, which is a fairly good recipe for making the playoffs.

Any time Denver plays a running QB with a live arm, I get worried. Part of it is irrational fear stemming from when I had 40 yard-line seats to watch Vick go ape**** at Investco years back. The talent discrepancies between top tier and lower tier NFL teams isn't huge. A couple of turnovers or deep hitters can easily decide a game. I worry about Cam breaking contain out of the pocket and hitting a couple of big deep throws. He can be terrible for 12 throws, but always has that ability to truck a blitzing safety and launch a 65 yard pass off his back foot on third down. Best thing to do is force him to go through his progressions in the pocket and make the short and intermediate timing throws.
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