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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
The stock market is correcting because Obama won which means higher taxes on stocks next year. Simple economics. I don't mess with stocks anymore but I did short the market as it was painfully obvious what would happen after it reached it's peak not long ago.

Thanks obama. Meck is going to get a new pair of shoes.

You guys want to push for new taxes yet Trillions of net worth will be wiped away from the middle class/401ks etc as the market slides.

I guess the good things is Obama/Fed no longer have excuses for their failing economic policies. When the welfare checks get cut it's going to get real interesting.

DenverBrit, the so called appreciation you speak of is a result of bogus quantitative easing. See Gold.
I think we should cut federal spending to the bone. We can start with all that welfare going to the red states. Too long have they suckled the federal tit.
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