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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Just about now.

Oh I see the superior card. Talk about pot calling kettle black that is rich.

Yes IMO I am superior, making about a hundred grand a year off of investments and have almost zero expenses the houses (2) and cars (3) all paid for. So it is just the day to day expenses such as utilities, real estate taxes insurance on my property.

Sitting here in retirement while y'all are either 47% ters* or busting your balls trying to keep your heads above water. So do I feel superior.. You got me.

Tired of coming here to point out the erros of your ways. 90% of the liberals in this area are nothing but talking points reguritatars, cartoon bois or unable to say anything coherent without name calling.

So please have a ball, y'all can just circle jerk yourselves till the next election. Since this is such a high class political forum and all.

* now the reason I say that normal working people would not have the time to spend on a football forum talking liberal politics if y'all were not on some kind of government hand outs. Or your simply inheierted your miney and do not have to work. The later is unlikely so it must be a third option your doing this from work which means your not doing your work and stealing from your employer.

So yes, I think I can leave because no one will benefit from anything I have to say.
Well, like they say, the GOP is full of angry old white men, which I guess is why they are losing elections. Not exactly a "growth industry."

Anyway, you just keep feeding yourself whatever little delusions your hate requires. Whatever keeps you happy.
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