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Originally Posted by SleepingTiger View Post
What the crap are you talking about?

Before Manning came aboard, I bet you were all over Ortons nuts right? You were just so happy that Orton was the QB and not Cutler. Whatever guy, all you need to know was he was worth two 1st round picks, a 3rd and moldy sandwich aka orton.

BM is a diva and a headcase, whatever. All i know was we got him in the 4th rd pick and we got back two 2nd round picks.

Doom, are you serious? The guy is a stud at DE. He was the reason for the comeback against the chargers. We got him in the 4th round! He will eventually hold the Broncos all time sack record

Hixon is a good WR and excellent return guy. Not sure why Denver released him either. Another 4th rd pick.

Kuper, the guy was not a good find in the 5th round, he was an excellent find. The guys is considered the heart and soul of our Oline.

If the draft was a redo, Cutler, BM and Doom would be top 10 picks.

As for Orton yes I was happy because the head case was gone. Was not sure if he would be the answer but getting him and two firsts thought that was aGod send. Without his defense and ST play they would not be close to 7-1 not with his mediocre play at QB in fact I'd guess he would be pressing even more picks and fumbles than he has to date this year.

As for BM yes we got 2 seconds for him great I applaud Josh formmaking an astute deal for both him and cutlet.

But see you missed my entire idea.

That is simply taking head cases nut jobs and in one case a one handed WR at 51 in the DAFT is poor at best personnel decisions.

Those players that you take on what used to be day one (rounds 1-3 for you kiddies) are supposed to be keepers and the FOUNDATION OF YOUR TEAM FOR A DECADE or more barring injury.

But in Mikey's case 13% of the guys he took ever made it to a second contract with us and 5 of the 6 were from 1999 drafts or before only one was after that DJ and IMO that moron should have never got the one he did about half of it would make it palatable.

So do you get the drift. Even though we got something for the morons. They are not on the team as we speak because they could not hack being a bronco. That comes from never interviewing most of them one on one for fear someone would think your going take them. Paranoia supreme.
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