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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
the 2006 DAFT class was full of head cases..

cutler until this year when he has to act like a human because of his girlfriend has been an ahole to his team mates, media and fans.. BTW his 84.6 QBR has pretty much been constant from day one.. 94 picks to 129 TDs not a good ratio at all..

BM the only guy in the NFL that had his own Permanent visitor pass for the NFL offices.. got kicked off of two different teams because he was a diva and his team mates wanted nothing to do with him..

TS a guy that has started 38 games in his 104 game career.. a lousy blocker and a whooping 21 TDs in those 104 games.

Doom now here is a player still not playing the run as well as he could be... Not worth the money he is making but still one of our best.. but as a 4th rounder he was not thought highly of by 32 other teams a total surprise for them all..

Hixon looking to be a good player for the Giants.. to bad someone in Broncos FO was stupid enough to allow him to leave. Not like we were overloaded with talent there..

Kuper another good choice but then in the 5th round a good find

SO we really got two players out of the 7 that were worth keeping..
IMO not close to being a GREAT draft, for that matter not even a good one.. good draft.. one full time starter ORG and a part time DE who is substituted out on running plays..

But I'm sure those that have been sucking on cutlets sac for year will disagree..

as for 2008 one starter out of nine picks.. not great either..
What the crap are you talking about?

Before Manning came aboard, I bet you were all over Ortons nuts right? You were just so happy that Orton was the QB and not Cutler. Whatever guy, all you need to know was he was worth two 1st round picks, a 3rd and moldy sandwich aka orton.

BM is a diva and a headcase, whatever. All i know was we got him in the 4th rd pick and we got back two 2nd round picks.

Doom, are you serious? The guy is a stud at DE. He was the reason for the comeback against the chargers. We got him in the 4th round! He will eventually hold the Broncos all time sack record

Hixon is a good WR and excellent return guy. Not sure why Denver released him either. Another 4th rd pick.

Kuper, the guy was not a good find in the 5th round, he was an excellent find. The guys is considered the heart and soul of our Oline.

If the draft was a redo, Cutler, BM and Doom would be top 10 picks.
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