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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
According to US Census (through 2009):

Median annual income for African American family in 2009 was $38,409.

For hispanics: $39,730.

For whites: $62,545.

Just taking a wild guess here, but maybe people with lower incomes are more likely to vote democratic.
93% worth?

Never mind you just PROVIDED evidence showing the same general economic class as Hispanics... so if we use that as a baseline, we can now quantify and conclude that roughly 20% of African Americans voted by race and the election was won by it.

I appreciate your efforts you to statistically prove my complaint, Old Dude, but we're all the losers here. This logic train leads to parties providing the best minority candidate instead of the best candidate for the job.

Yay, inequality.
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