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Matt Paradis

Spot-on observation by Rev about that beautiful, beautiful touchdown pass to Dreesen. Very innovative stuff, and really made me consider McCoy in a new light, as that had to have been something he installed (as opposed to something that was audibled by Manning). The crispness of the execution by all 11 players on that play was also very remarkable -- one of my favorite plays of the entire season, for sure.

Another great podcast, gentlemen -- the audio quality was a little rough (as TJ mentioned), but the commentary and insight were first class. SoCal and T.J. were solid as always, Chris K. is starting to hit his stride now in his second show, and Patrick really knows his stuff, particularly when talking about defensive backs (Where did you pick that up? Do you coach on the prep level?)

Sincere thanks and rep to all of you for producing these shows.
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