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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post

Here are some of our takeways, in no particular order.
  • It's not just the economy, stupid. It's the whole package
  • Abandoning large constitutencies, like women, Latinos, and young voters is not a winning formula
  • The partisan identification in 2008 was not a freak accident. There are more Democrats than Republicans
  • The candidate matters: on paper Rick Perry and Mitt Romney were great, but the real men weren't
  • Nominating a sneering plutocrat who likes firing people and writes off half the country is not a wise move
  • If you can't release your tax returns because they are full of poison, don't run for President
  • There aren't enough billionaires to buy the election
  • Don't talk about gay marriage unless you are supporting it
  • And above all, don't talk about rape except maybe if you are proposing to castrate rapists
From the article:

Demographically, the Republican Party's base is angry, old white men.

And I liked this too:

Why the GOP didn't win
1. Romney was not a real conservative, but he was the only one left standing after the others crashed and burned
2. The liberal media (= NYT) were in the tank for Obama and refused to talk about Libya all day and night
3. The pollsters conspired to have skewed polls that discouraged all the faint-hearted Republicans from voting
4. It's all the fault of Hurricane Sandy because it cost Romney three days of campaigning
5. Well, its the fault of Sandy plus that traitor Chris Christie, who is only looking out for his own fat ass
6. The voters are too stupid to realize that when Obamacare kicks in, America will instantly become Cuba
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