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Here are some of our takeways, in no particular order.
  • It's not just the economy, stupid. It's the whole package
  • Abandoning large constitutencies, like women, Latinos, and young voters is not a winning formula
  • The partisan identification in 2008 was not a freak accident. There are more Democrats than Republicans
  • The candidate matters: on paper Rick Perry and Mitt Romney were great, but the real men weren't
  • Nominating a sneering plutocrat who likes firing people and writes off half the country is not a wise move
  • If you can't release your tax returns because they are full of poison, don't run for President
  • There aren't enough billionaires to buy the election
  • Don't talk about gay marriage unless you are supporting it
  • And above all, don't talk about rape except maybe if you are proposing to castrate rapists
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