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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
Before Clady got hurt he was by far the best pass blocker in the NFL when on a Sack/per play basis. I saw the dude turn premier rushers like Mario Williams in his prime into paddy cake playing dummies.

He was the 12 pick of the draft you expect him to be a stud LT

Eddie Royal? If they kept the same offense and shanny never got fired, Royal probably would've had spectacular years being thrown at by Cutler. Conversely, if Royal was kept around after Manning arrived, he'd be putting up great numbers as well.

If, If, If There was nothing special about Royal except he had a great rookie season then nothing

Peyton hilllis was an excellent pickup, baller that also got hurt, unfortunately.

Hillis had what, 6 good game and then stupid set in.

We had excellent drafts in Shanny's last 3 years here.
This was not a great draft.

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