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c'mon, Ryan Harris pick wasn't bad. The guy was a stud at RT only to see him have injury woes. You can't say it was a bad draft pick because the guy was a probowl player then dropped off because of injury. Marcus Thomas was a 4th rounder that stayed on the team for 5 seasons. I admit Moss and Crowder were bad picks. F+ is going to far. D+ is better. Anyways, outside the top 10 picks, that was a bad draft class with the exception of Staley and Beason.

2008, if they had a redraft knowing what they know today, Matt Ryan would be the 1st and Clady being the second. That by itself raised the Grade to B. Not only that, all the players in that draft are still in the NFL except for Jack Williams. I say B+
I could never figure out Crowder. He had five sacks his rookie year and looked really good. I remember he scored a TD against Pittsburgh. And then he was just cut and went to Tampa Bay. There must have been a story behind that.
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