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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
Yes because players shaving their heads is all of a sudden going to make people realize cancer is terrible and affects millions of people. We should do more.

Inspiring? To who? What is some podunk a-hole going to do? Go back to school and study for 8 years to understand biology and anatomy enough to join a research team that has received BILLIONS of dollars over the last half century and has made very little true progress in curing it?

What the **** is this going to inspire?

My mom has stage 4 reoccuring melanoma. She was diagnosed in 2002. In the past 10 years the options for treatment and curing it have expanded 10 fold. She is now on a medication genetically tailored to a mutation in her genes that stops the cancer from growing. In some cases, even shrink it. Not telling you this to make you go oh, damn. Sorry your mom has cancer. Not the point.

The point is, people NEED to see things like the Colts shaving their heads to keep fighting just a little longer. Oncologists gave my mother 6 months in 2002. Decade later and they have something that could cure it, and thus far the results have been more than positive. Small actions matter, even if we think they dont. Every little bit helps.

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