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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Lelie was really good at what he did. He ran a great go route he was able to out jump the defender and make a lot of plays. The other routes not so much but he was not a bust. A bust is someone that does not contribute and gets cut. Lelie was nto a bust. He just wasn't a complete player and your right Plummer wasn't the best QB for him either.

Headsup IMO Lonestar does not know much of what he talks about.
Fixed that for you but then the Same could be said about many folks (you) here.. IMHO

A bust is someone that you draft in the first round (maybe even 2nd) that does not resign with your team..

When you make an investment in time effort and most of all big money for these guys you have to expect that they are the foundation of your team..

other wise why even take first rounders.

trade back and get an equivalent guy in the second for a hell of a lot less money..

unless your picking 28 or later each year for a decade you should be able to get good quality long term guys consistently in the first..

not that mikey ever did that but that is the pox he has to carry as does the broncos..

ashley was not a good choice and yes he made catches but knowing that your QB does not have a big arm why do you draft a long ball hitter,, it was doomed to fail..

THUS a bust.. to have 15 TD over a 7 year career unlike the guy taken directly afterwards that had 31 means some one screwed the pooch on DAFT day in our WAR room..

lest I remind everyone that mikeys 41 rounds 1-3 picks during his time in DEN he only resigned 6 and 5 of those were all picks 1999 or prior..

Now we might have one more that resigns, that would be Clady but the remains to be seen if we do..

BUT right now his batting percentage on those picks is .146..

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