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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
"Only" 82%? That sounds like a high percentage to me. The bottom line is, blacks overwhelming support, white or other, and they have done so for decades. I don't doubt there were blacks who voted for Obama because he's black, and that's unfortunate, but I think the numbers have more to do with party affiliation than race. Also, I can assure you there were plenty of whites who merely voted against Obama because they believe he's a black nationalist socialist from Kenya. I live and work amongst them.
I'm using someone as popular as Clinton was to show the disparity. Even with that conservative figure, it's consistent with the rest of the minority groups and more than enough to swing the election which creates the logical conclusion:

If Barack were white, Romney would have won.

Sad to see 2012 being treated like 1932.

And no, I'm certainly not defending the people you finished your post in reference to. They belong in the same category of shame.
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