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21. Which team will be drafting first in April?
Pete Prisco: Chiefs. Have you watched that team?
Clark Judge: Kansas City, and hallelujah. The Chiefs need it. Look for Matt Barkley to be on the short list.
Mike Freeman: The Chiefs. Worst team in football.
Jason La Canfora: Chiefs and Jags will take it down to the wire and give me the Chiefs.
Pat Kirwan: The Jacksonville Jaguars -- with one win and their best player injured -- are heading right for the top spot.
Will Brinson: Chiefs -- They're a full-blown dumpster fire at this point.
Josh Katzowitz: Kansas City Chiefs. I don't see a way to fix them this year, and it's time to rid themselves of general manager Scott Pioli and start over.
Ryan Wilson: The Chiefs. They still haven't led at any point this season during regulation. It's hard not to be the NFL's worst team with that hanging over your head.
Kevin Corke: The Chiefs. To quote Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons, "worst episode ever."
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