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Lelie ran a lot of post, go's or Flag routes but Plummer couldn't hit him in stride. We still had 2 good TE's to run drags with, a HOF like Sharpe and Carswell. Lelie spread out a lot of good D's and gave our Zone scheme to pickup chunks of yardage on the ground.

Lelie's only mistake was thinking he was really a #1 WR and deserved the money. If Jake could have got the Ball to him in stride he would have had even more stats, as it was Lelie was forced to wait for balls which were underthrown to come down. When Lelie was with us he performed well. We was fine until he started listening to his "friends" who said that he should be paid as a #1 WR.

Lone Star makes it sound like Lelie was a total bust, when, in fact, Lelie was a great 2nd or 3rd WR with us, he had years of 500+, 600+, 1,000+, 700+ with 13 tds, and YPR of 20 in 2004

Lelie was far from a bust, he got better every year up until his last with us and he was hurt in 2005, he missed 3 games. 2004 was a monster year for a 2nd WR. He was far from a bust. Once he left Shanahan's scheme he disappeared and his stats fell off the map bouncing around to 3 teams trying to recapture what worked for him in Denver.
Lelie was really good at what he did. He ran a great go route he was able to out jump the defender and make a lot of plays. The other routes not so much but he was not a bust. A bust is someone that does not contribute and gets cut. Lelie was nto a bust. He just wasn't a complete player and your right Plummer wasn't the best QB for him either.

Headsup Lonestar does not know much of what he talks about.
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