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I don't see Carolina beating Denver. Not enough weapons and Cam Newton, even if he is a threat, still makes crucial, game-losing turnovers. Manning will capitalize on his mistakes. Tampa Bay is a strong offensive team, with Doug Martin (sigh) leading the way. Could be a replay of New England if Denver isn't careful. Freeman is in 2010-form, which means he's legit and should not be overlooked. Kansas City and Oakland are miserable, but inner-division teams play each other best, regardless. They're never gimme games, IMO, and it is quite likely that KC will be a whole new team as far as coaching is concerned by Week 17. Baltimore always gives us trouble --it's also gonna be outside, probably in the cold, in their stadium. Poor conditions for Manning, historically speaking, and worse ones for Denver as a whole. Cleveland could sneak one by us, but I don't think that happens at home. San Diego is probably the most interesting game left. Manning pulled a great comeback, but Rivers also imploded. It's hard to tell just how well the teams match up.

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