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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Well that's a little broad. But there's some truth to it. He struggled to make a personal connection to people, which is very important to some.

But I think it was that with a combination of things. For some people his record (as a moderate) was a problem. For others the inconsistency as he had to tack right from his record was a problem. Then another small part is the prom king electorate factor. He wasn't as 'fun' to support as the other guy.

And in an election this close, many little problems can make a big problem. At the end of the day I think maybe having a genuine conservative or a genuine moderate is preferable to having an opportunist that switches from one to the other. But my thinking on that keeps evolving.
I definitely think his lack of genuine anything certainly hurt him. He was way too all over the place and didnt have a concrete platform. People didnt know what they were voting for.
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