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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
This election was hardly and indictment of the GOP. I think overwhelmingly the populace felt like Obama inheritted at least some of this and Romney was demonized enough that they felt they will give what they know more time. The fact that many people voted a split ticket is clear on this. If Dems won across the board, that would be one thing. They didn't. And nothing substantively changed.
It was the voters thinking that Obama had inherited this and hadn't done allowed us to fall flat on our faces which is where we were headed. Romney was demonized for the party which people associate with the clusterfuc Bush left this country in.

But it was also the entire Republican party with their archaic side remarks and Romney saying one thing and when it slapped him in the face, flip flopping. Plus the fact still wondering what/how the hell Romney was going to do this. He wishy washed on that. And what he did reveal didn't wash.
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