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Originally Posted by chickennob2 View Post
I disagree. Look at what happened in the Senate race in Missouri and Indiana. Akin talks his **** about "legitimate rape" and gets trounced in a very red state. The tea party crazies come out to give the republican nomination to Mourdock in Indiana and essentially surrender a sure GOP senate seat to the democrats. I really think the more moderate 80% of the GOP is starting to realize that aligning themselves with the far right is costing them quite a bit. I sincerely hope that the GOP can move towards the ideological center. Otherwise, the Dems may have a strangle hold on the future of this country.
I don't think those losses will have an impact,while I agree last night showed that a majority of Americans don't vote for those candidates, the far right will ignore it and focus on the fact that Romney blew it.
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