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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
They are, and there's no talk of being more moderate or reaching over the aisle to get things done. It's the exact opposite, house leaders have came out immediately last night and said tax increases are a nonstarter. So right there nobody is going to budge on it. Second thing is, a lot of Republicans demonized and spat on Romney last night calling him out for his religion, being a liberal from Massachusetts etc. They threw him overboard and now your going to see the far right move in and take over.
I disagree. Look at what happened in the Senate race in Missouri and Indiana. Akin talks his **** about "legitimate rape" and gets trounced in a very red state. The tea party crazies come out to give the republican nomination to Mourdock in Indiana and essentially surrender a sure GOP senate seat to the democrats. I really think the more moderate 80% of the GOP is starting to realize that aligning themselves with the far right is costing them quite a bit. I sincerely hope that the GOP can move towards the ideological center. Otherwise, the Dems may have a strangle hold on the future of this country.
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