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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Well, i think its both. You hit on something when you said they voted a split ticket, they wanted to preserve some sort of balance, but its no secret that the right has moved VERY FAR to the right, and i dont think the nation has much desire for that.

I doubt a ton changes, it doesnt look like republicans in congress are any more willing to make deals than they were last night, but hopefully we can get something done.

But this idea that America has suddenly fallen off a cliff, when ummm, all we've been doing is growing (not at a great rate, but it hasnt been getting worse) is absurd. We aren't greece, far from it. I dont know where these guys get this stuff from
I think it is quite obvious that the republican primaries with the emergence of the tea-party movement have moved sharply to the right. There are a lot of far right activists with anti-federalist views who vote and donate to the primaries, as we saw with Romney and with Mccain before him this forces candidates to move far right during primaries only to later moderate their position.

Mccain was hit by this and Romney was certainly hit by this, he said one thing to get through primaries and then moderated his stance significantly to appeal to voters at large, especially the undecided voters.

There is a shift in the nation, women and young people are voting in greater numbers, minorities are voting in greater numbers and those votes heavily favour moderate and federalist views - if the republicans can not reign in the far right or mobilise evangelicals the way Rove and Bush did they will not be able to defeat a strong democratic candidate in 2016.

It has always confused me how partisan the American political scene is, there is no room for real politics, no room for compromise, no room for efficiency, it is all about partisanism and all about blame. It has gotten to a point where making a bad decision that can be blamed on the other party is better than making a good decision - that is the demise of American politics in my view.
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