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Originally Posted by fdf View Post
The progressive movement will have to be allowed to destroy itself before things can get better. Bipartisan cover for that process only confuses things. Conservatives have no power to stop what is coming. America firmly rejected smaller, limited government as an option last night. That's the big picture of this election. Small government advocates should not participate in shaping the particulars of how the endgame plays out--that only confuses what is going on.

End of days? No. Endgame of the modern progressive state? Yes. We ARE Greece now. Except without a German sugar daddy to bail us out.

First off, we are not Greece. Not even close. Plus, one of greece's major problems was that it couldn't devalue its currency during its crisis because they were on the Euro. We'll never have that problem and American bonds are still the best bet around. We also seem to have pretty much zero inflation threat at this point.

Second, for a "progressive" state, we arent all that progressive. At all. Our stimulus was small (and it did exactly what economists said it would...great growth, but growth too slow) and the healthcare bill you guys love to b**** about didnt even involve any sort of public option.

You guys have created this boogeyman that simply doesnt exist. And now youll b**** about it and probably start the "obama is taking our guns" **** again
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