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! I think it was 2004 that helped out last night. People had it pretty damn good in the 90's, got something different in the 2000's, had a national tragedy, and after the 2004 election found that what they had elected had created a clusterfuc based on lies and ineptness. They also realized that party had handed the next President a mess of porportions unseen by these generations and he hadn't done such a bad job in handling it and feared going back to a party that has tried to hand us a stereotypical Democrat when it's actually them that are doing exactly that.
I think you're missing the point. There were less actual votes cast last night then in 2004. By a wide margin. President Obama's actually about where John Kerry was in number of votes cast.

He even currently has less votes than McCain did in 2008. He didn't win by big-tent coalition building. He won because a lot of people stayed home rather than vote for either one of these two.

Don't get me wrong, the scorched earth tactics proved brilliant in the end. It may have won what would otherwise have been a tough election to pull out. But let's not pretend this is part of some vast political realignment. Based on current count, 12 million voters that voted in 2008 didn't show up this time, even though the election was tighter. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of either candidate.
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