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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
That's a convenient read and all. But as of now President O still counts 3 million less votes than GWB got in 2004. Even as the nation has grown larger over 8 years. So let's not pretend that O is building any bridges. Some people just stayed home.
! I think it was 2004 that helped out last night. People had it pretty damn good in the 90's, got something different in the 2000's, had a national tragedy, and after the 2004 election found that what they had elected had created a clusterfuc based on lies and ineptness. They also realized that party had handed the next President a mess of porportions unseen by these generations and he hadn't done such a bad job in handling it and feared going back to a party that has tried to hand us a stereotypical Democrat when it's actually them that are doing exactly that.
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