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Obama will win by 1-2%, and be over 50%. He's the first Dem to win >50% of the popular vote, now in both elections, since FDR. 1-2% popular vote with no legitimate 3rd party is a solid win, breaking 50% is also a solid win.

Obama's views (higher taxes on the wealthy to bring down the debt, leveling military spending out and stopping it's rapid growth, etc.) are all views that have bee strongly supported in election polls and are key reasons he got elected.

The senate and congressional seats in play favored GOP pickups and the GOP failed to gain any ground, instead losing more to the Dems.

The fringe right has been denounced this election as a traditionally red seat was given up by Murdock and a very weak McCaskill destroyed Akin. If the GOP fails to realize that social conservatism is being repudiated by mainstream America they'll lose more ground in the 2012 midterm.
That's a convenient read and all. But as of now President O still counts 3 million less votes than GWB got in 2004. Even as the nation has grown larger over 8 years. So let's not pretend that O is building any bridges. Some people just stayed home.
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