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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Mitch McConnell sent a far less conciliatory message. Basically, he's still saying, "My way or the highway." The way the numbers are shaping up, this is an ass kicking of the Republican Party. Sounds like their leadership is just going to stay in their bubble and pretend it didn't happen. If I was to characterize this election, I would say the people are sending a very clear message: They are sick of extremists and sick of gridlock. IMO, the Right in Washington is just going to ignore it.
Really? I don't think the results say that at all. Obama will run up a good count in the electoral college, but the popular vote total is almost a split, while the House remains solidly in Rep hands, Dems gain in the Senate and Reps gain another governor (maybe 2 more as those are still to close to call).

Take all of that together and it sounds like people voted for gridlock, a continuation of the last 2 years.
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