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Originally Posted by fdf View Post
If they were sick of extremists, they would not have elected a man who thinks cutting 1% off federal spending several years in the future is "draconian" and regards trillion dollar plus deficits as a political problem, not an economic problem.

That said, I wish the Republicans had lost the house tonight too. America is going over the cliff and it's very important that Americans know who is to blame. It's far better to have a coherent opposition party than for everyone to share responsibility for what is coming.

In any event, now we are Greece. And we have no German sugar daddy to bail us out. Hold onto your hats.

So go Broncos! If we are going to have to live thru the endgame of the modern progressive state, at least the Broncos could win one more Superbowl.
Jesus Christ, drama queen.

Or you could contact your reps and let them know that working with the (now two-term) President won't be the end of the ****ing world as we know it, and maybe now that they don't have that be-all end-all goal of denying Obama a second term they should, you know, WORK FOR THE ****ING COUNTRY INSTEAD OF THEIR ****ING SELVES.

But sure. Giving up and b****ing about the end of days seems like a much easier proposition.
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