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Originally Posted by dsmoot View Post
Before I posted, I specifically looked at the roster differences. Some of the players you mentioned were players on the edge that were not key players in the SB years. You neglected to bring up people like Romanowski, Neil, Tony Jones, Neil Smith, Alfred Williams, Darrien Gordon, Howard Griffith, Mark Schlereth, Keith Traylor, Ed McCaffrey ---- all significant starters - 10 starters you are giving no credit to Shanahan for bringing in. Your post has some good points but is it is significantly understated.

Additionally, look at the players that were starters on the 1994 team that were not around in 1997. There was an ejection of some real age in those 3 years. Compare the depth of talent that allowed the team get past injuries - another significant improvement.

I never inferred that the 1994 Broncos had the talent of the current Chiefs. They were an aging team in key areas that needed significant infusion. All the players I mentioned above added a great deal of talent over the equivalent 1994 starters at their position. I give Mike the credit for that.
Actually he did comment about additions to the team
Shanny made some nice additions of older players to make those SB runs,
he just did not name them all.. and you forgot Rod Smith who BTW was already on the roster when mikey showed up..
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