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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
I feel like this country was about to go "under". We were in the worst situatin since the great depression. And, what did this idot decide to conentrate on? He pushed through ObamaCare......without any plan (13,000 pages at this time) and any way to accomplish it...with a cost of at least $1Trillion more to our debt. This isn't a leader, he's a terrorist undercover!!!!

Zero business experience..................he was a Union Organizor for Craps Sakes!!!!
Why not stop here? Again valid points lost because of over the top hyperbole. I know how it is when you are angry and frustrated coupled mixed with being very passionate about the subject, its easier said than done to not blow your top. Just seems to me calling him Osama and terrorist is more a poor reflection of you than Obama.

I won't bring it up again, just thought I would ask why you would continue saying it. Good luck and hopefully it isn't as bad as it looks right now
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