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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
Like him or not, don't you think its a little low rent to keep referring to him as Osama. You are equating with him a person responsible for thousands of deaths. Kind of kills the validity of any argument you make, much of which would be great discussion and very much full of merit, as you appear incredibly simple minded. If you run a business then we all know you aren't simple minded. Why dumb yourself down?
I feel like this country was about to go "under". We were in the worst situatin since the great depression. And, what did this idot decide to conentrate on? He pushed through ObamaCare......without any plan (13,000 pages at this time) and any way to accomplish it...with a cost of at least $1Trillion more to our debt. This isn't a leader, he's a terrorist undercover!!!!

Zero business experience..................he was a Union Organizor for Craps Sakes!!!!
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