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Wes Welker

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
fact is BO will just use executive power to force his policies. I think he's used this more than any other president up to this date by a wide margin and I don't see him changing his ways. Fact is, now BO can really inforce his will upon a crappy congress. BO has never been about working across party lines. It's up to the repubs to decide if they are going to capitulate or if they are going to continue the gridlock.
count em...

Obama: 140,

Bush Jr: 291
Clinton 363
G. Bush 165
Reagan 380
Carter 319
Ford 168
Nixon 345
Johnson 323
Kennedy 213
Eisenhower 481
Truman 893
FD Roosevelt 3,466

He's really quite average in his numbers issued.. Bush Jr issued 291 over 2 terms averaging 145 over the two terms so he's really not issued any more than the average President. Carter's #s seem extreme given his one term, but that might a reflection of the turmoil during his term. And well FDR, was in longer and during WWII so those numbers are not surprising.
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