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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Yeah I think I'm going to bed. It was a close election. Hard fought. It's sad to see Colorado go for Obama two years in a row. We did hold onto the house. I just really hope Obama decides to compromise and not be the arrogant dick hole he's been this time around.

The fact that Garry Johnson siphoned off 20k votes makes me mad. Third party candidates just give elections to the person least in line with their view. See: Nader in 2000. Anyway, congrats to Obama and to you Democrats. I hope you guys make things better. The country really needs the help. You have an impressive ground game and it's clearly powerful. We'll need to answer again. Hopefully 2014 is like 2010 and we can get the Senate back. See you in two years!
Reporting from NY - people are honking and whistling on my street.

Anyways, I hope you take solace knowing that this election has advanced Mormonism's public image, regardless of the result.

Personally I also look forward to the Republican party doing some soul searching, returning from the far right to the right like they were in the 80s (they're going to have to if they want the latino vote).

I can't wait to one day feel like I've got two good choices, not a bad choice and a less bad one.

Man Kaylore goes to bed early!
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