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Originally Posted by The Moops View Post
Great news! Floyd's book is available now. Don't know if it's in book stores yet (Barnes & Noble, Tattered Cover, etc.,) but you can order it on Amazon.

Publisher moved up date to Aug. 10th from Sept 1.

Follow me on Twitter @TheMoops44 for more info about Floyd's book and the latest book signing schedules.
It took me awhile to get my copy, Tom went above and beyond to sort it out (Thanks again Tom!) and by then I was in the middle of another book so I regret that it has taken me so long to read Tom's new book with Floyd.

I highly recommend all Bronco fans read this book. You don't have to be an old timer or have seen Floyd to get something out of this book.

If you have their 1st book "Tales from the Bronco sideline" you will be one of only 5,000. I didn't realize the publisher went out of business and only printed 5,000 copies. I knew the publisher did Tales from the sidelines from a bunch of other teams and figured at the time they were solvent and the book would be on the market for much longer than it was. They weren't and because of that Tom reprinted a lot of the same stories in "Promises". This isn't a bad thing because the stories seem better this time around, the 1st book was more of a 2 page chapter type book of ancdotes(sp?) whereas "Promises to Keep" flows more like a novel. Not a knock on "Tales" I love anything regarding Floyd that I can get my hands on and there has been a long dearth of info about Floyd for decades. Kudos to Tom for making "Promises" better!

There is also a lot of updated and more in-depth content making it worth the price alone. At the time "Tales" was written Floyd had not yet been nominated for the HOF there is a lot of back story about what Tom did to get Floyd on the Senior's Ballot and how he was able to prove to the voters why Floyds accomplishments should be measured on the merits of Floyd's time and not today. The fact that Tom was able to prove the rule change moving the hash marks toward mid-field exponentially increased the number of 1,000 yard rushers literally over one season was probably the thing that got Floyd into the hall. Plus Tom was able to show that the other RB's didn't have Floyd's Passing or Return stats, Floyd was a complete player and the way Tom presented it only 2 idiots could not see it. One of those idiot was Peter King. You have to read this book just for the look you get behind the curtain at the machinations of how people get into the HOF.

If you haven't bought the book because of a thread here about Floyd being mad that Bowlen didn't pick up the tab for the tent at the HOF you are doing yourself a disservice. Tom and Floyd present the facts, they do not wallow in it or draw it out as much as they could have. Plus it is only a few paragraphs in a much larger chapter of a much larger book. I was at the HOF and I thought the size of Floyd's tent was a slap in the face to me as a Bronco fan. You could tell which owners cared that a member of their franchise went into the Hall. The fact that Bowlen didn't bother to fly out and be there when a player from his franchise (who at the time only 2 other Broncos were in the hall) pissed me off, this wasn't mentioned in the book, I thought if Tom and Floyd wanted to go full on Tell-all bitter they could have attacked more but they didn't. The facts were presented, Floyd admitted to being hurt and they moved on.

They moved on to a great chapter of self help advice and motivation that alone was worth buying the book. Floyd now works for Syracuse mentoring student athletes and his tips for setting and achieving goals are as good as any other sports or business self help book I have read. I have Shanny's book "Think like a Champion", "Game plans for Success", "Finding the Winning Edge", a bunch of Covey books, "Getting things done" etc and Floyd's Pillars are as good or better than anything found in anything I have read. His pillars were very motivating and I am going to make my 9 year old read that chapter and find ways to apply them to her life.

Plus you also get Floyd's HOF speech!

I admit to being a fan of Floyd Little, without him the Bronco's I watched as a kid would have been totally devoid of heart and I doubt I stay a Bronco fan after my family moved away from Denver in 1976. That said this book is essential History of the Denver Broncos and a must have for any true fan. You cannot get "Tales from the Broncos Sideline" anymore. I am not sure how many copies of "Promises to Keep" were printed. I would not take the fact that we Bronco fans have a book about a turning point of our history for granted. Do not assume that this will be around forever. Show your support of those that laid the foundation for the great team and glorious triumphs we have experienced over the years. Experience the insight of how players are nominated and elected to HOF and what they experience during the induction weekend!

The argument has been made here at the Mane that the Phipps kept Denver in town, not the man they call "the Franchise". The fact is that the Phipps's did not play a down, they did not return punts for TD's, win games on improbable pass plays, retire as the 7th ALL TIME rush yards leader, talk about the all time AFL and NFL greats, explain what it was like to play against Dick Butkus, break Ernie Davis and Jim Brown's records at Syracuse, play in a game known as the "half a loaf game", or be enshrined in the Pro Football HOF. When and if the Phipps ever do write a book I will buy it and read it but right now we have a gem of a book that every Bronco fan needs to read if not buy.

Do yourself a favor, give the book a chance and read it.

Plus the holiday's are coming, this would make a great gift for anyone who calls themselves a Bronco fan or needs a little motivation.

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