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Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
okay let's go with 15%, but then why state 23% as that is not even remotely close? I get a 5% plus or minus margin of error, but 23% is hyperbole or an outright falsehood and simply incites unnecessary reactions that distract from addressing the actual problems as one has to discern fact from fiction.

Unemployment certainly is a problem, but to insist Obama and the Federal government have done nothing to address it and don't care whilst proposing a false number is misleading and wrongheaded. The WH, like the prevous admin, has introduced various reforms, stimulus packages, etc in attempts to alleviate some of this, including a substantial bailout of the auto industry who has been creating jobs in the US. I am not convinced the Feds can fix it nor do I necessarily want more US government interference, but we will see what the next 4 years bring, whoever ends up in the WH.
He said 23 million unemployed, with unemployment at 15%.

It's still hyperbole and, once again, based on a number that the BLS does not use nor has it ever used. It's an argument of convenience, just like the $716 million number they've been floating around, as well as many, many more.
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