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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Sure, Obama added $5T to the national debt. Healthcare costs have risen $2500 annually. Take home pay has decreased over $4000 in the last four years.

Not true. Obama had a Democrat super-majority for 2 years. Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and have passed numerous bills to cut spending and create jobs...Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate have not passed a budget in 3 years.

Sure it is. The price of gas has doubled. There are 23 million Americans unemployed. The cost of food has gone up, and housing prices are on the decline again. Not to mention Obama added more to the debt than any President in history.

43 million people are on foodstamps. Obamacare is the biggest tax-hike on the middle-class in history, and national debt increases $80B every month.
1) The 2500 is a skewed number, because govt subsidies should cover most that. In fact, all these healthcare numbers are. Plus, i think we should all pay a little more to make it work (thats just me, considering the old system would have america bankrupt)

2) Youre forgetting about Blue Dog democrats who they had to negotiate with...this was hardly a liberal demo majority. Ben Nelson anyone?

3) the 23 percent is a dubious number, because it includes people with part time jobs. Gas prices are a result of the global market. We're drilling more than ever here, blame India and China for indutrializing.

4) He came into office during the worst economic downfall since the depression..and as time went on, they realized it was worse than they ever thought. The economy isnt exactly strong, but its definitely growing (albiet at a slow pace). But guess what wont get it going again? Tax cuts for all!

And show me where Romney Ryan ever care about the deficit?
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