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Originally Posted by Pseudofool View Post
How has Republican showed any willingness to compromise. Righties forget that Obamacare was a conservative idea.

Conservatives get their way and then complain that no one compromises with them. It's laughable.

Obama was willing to cut 10 spending dollars for every ONE dollar added in revenue, and the Republicans didn't go for it.

Many conservatives are reasonable, the ones in Congress are not.

Obama invited republicans up to the WH. Spoke with them. Listened to their ideas. Then said "I won". Then proceeded to jam through nearly everything he wanted on a purely partisan vote. If Obamacare was a conservative would think at least ONE republican would have voted for it.

As a result of the "stimulus" and Obamacare, dems lost control of the house. The senate has refused to bring house bills to a vote. Now refresh my memory. Who controls the senate?

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